Why Us

disabled boy in wheel chair with carer

Why choose CCHC as your home care provider?

Same Quality Staff Every Week
Rapid Response Guaranteed
Cost-Effective Services
Multidisciplinary Team
Client-Carer Compatibility


CCHC offers home care services to anyone who needs support at home. Our team at CCHC are specialists in aged, disability and palliative care for clients of any age. We know it’s our responsibility to provide the best client experience, every-single-time, so our team works in partnership with you to create the life that excites you.

Asking for help does not mean losing your independence, and we are here to support our clients from tasks as small as daily activities at home to palliative care. Getting those small steps of help often means you can stay independent in your own home for longer, with a little support to continue to lead a great life.

We understand that help can look different for every person – Whether it be gardening, doing the grocery shopping, cooking, company, personal care, dressing, getting in and out of bed, or modifying your space to make it safer and easier to get around. Our team are here to help and support you in your daily life.

No matter what funding you have, we are here to support you. Simply call 1800 878 944.

Our Commitment To You

Continuity of Care – Same Support, Same Friendly Faces When You Need Us

Our team aims to develop client relationship so you can feel confident and comfortable with the same friendly faces each day. We can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of care, and build a reliable and caring team to ensure you are getting the best services you require.

carer and client smiling at each other while carer kneels

Client Directed Services

Our team at CCHC are genuinely here to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Our organisation is centred around supporting the client’s choice and achieving client satisfaction. You, as the client, direct us to the care and services you want to receive. We are here to give our clients what they want, when and where they want it. Of course, we will offer you our expert advice, but it is always ultimately your choice as to what care and services you receive.

Continuity of Care

client and carer doing yoga

If it is important to you that you receive the same staff at the same time on the same day each week then it is equally important to us! At CCHC our senior scheduling managers ensure our clients can enjoy the same small pool of staff member or clinicians while receiving meaningful, ongoing care. A personally matched support worker ensures you will feel naturally connected and safe with our staff.

Rapid Response – Guaranteed

We acknowledge all referrals immediately and appointments are confirmed within 48 hours. We guarantee a rapid response to all needs, updated services and new clients.

Cost Effective Services

With CCHC there are no hidden fees. Our pricing is set out clearly for each treatment, service, or assessment. It can be quite tricky trying to work out all the fees and services within the healthcare system, so we encourage you to ask us for a personal quote for the care and services you need, to break down each cost and outcome.


carer listening to client

We are transparent – Our team and business are open and honest with our services, knowledge, and care. If you have a question about any aspect of what we do we encourage you to ask!

Quality Staff

Our team is thoroughly screened during the recruitment process to ensure they have the necessary qualifications, references, personality, and values to be part of the CCHC team. To ensure our employees maintain their professional currency and have the necessary skills and qualifications to support our clientele we provide ongoing education and training throughout the year.


lady and man using sign language to communicate

After our Support Coordinator or Case Managers have completed your intake assessment, they work to match you with a staff member that has similar interests, hobbies and has the skills to provide you with the care and services you have requested. We will discuss with you what type of support staff you would like, it is important to us that you have the best suited people to support you and make you feel comfortable.

We don’t just put any available staff member with our clients, we will work to ensure a positive, long-term relationship is formed. Spending the time to make sure our clients are happy is the most worthwhile business endeavour for CCHC, because if our clients are happy then our team is happy! We firmly believe that the best care and support is personal and relationship-based, as opposed to task-based.


CCHC is committed to continuous quality improvement. We work vigorously to ensure the safety of our employees and clients/participants is paramount. We encourage open communication with our clients and ensure all feedback is listened to and actioned if needed by our team to continue to achieve the best care we can give.


carer guiding client

We want to exceed your expectations every single time we provide you with care and services, however we know we are not perfect, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve. Our team want to hear from you - if you have some valuable feedback then please reach out.

Multidisciplinary Team

Whether you receive all your care and services through CCHC or you want to use a variety of providers we will work with your chosen multidisciplinary team to ensure you are getting the holistic care and services you require.