Client Advocacy

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Your Rights

If you would like someone to support you or represent you when communicating with any area of your care, please let us know you have an advocate and will include them in communications that you approve. An advocate is someone who will speak on your behalf, or simply support you through a process about which you are uncertain.

Advocates can:

  • Support you to speak on your own behalf
  • Represent you when communicating with services
  • Represent you or assist you with complaints

An advocate does not have to be a formal representative it can be anyone you trust such as a relative or friend. Client Centred Home Care offers advocacy services so please feel free to ask us if you require this support. Alternatively, there are other organisations who you may prefer to use, such as the ones listed below.

Alternative Advocacy Services

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National Aged Care Advocacy Line

Phone: 1800 700 600

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Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Phone: 1800 951 822

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Disability Rights Advocacy Service

Phone: 08 8351 9500

Client Centred Care

At Client Centred Home Care (CCHC), truly getting to know our clients/participants is the first and most important part of what we do. Our client centred approach to care means that we go the extra mile to understand each person’s individual needs. Our team of qualified and knowledgeable case managers/support coordinators take the time to assist you in choosing the most suitable type of care or services for your needs.

Client Centred Care is a model of care that promotes the client to have full autonomy in all decisions related to their own care and services. We empower our clients by improving their health literacy and provide culturally responsive practices so you can each play an active role in your own care pathway.

Client Centred Care is a partnership between the client and the service provider.

Understanding the needs and priorities of the individual, and their family or carers, and tailoring services to respond to what matters most to them.

nurse showing client information in a notepad while client has a cup of tea

Every person is unique. While some of our clients need assistance with smaller tasks like outings, shopping, or domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning, others require more comprehensive care, attention, and devotion. We offer a variety of in-home support that extends from basic domestic assistance and Clinical Nursing to full-time and 24/7 care services.

Our team has a focus on the respect and commitment to upholding the rights of all people, including the aged and those with disabilities. CCHC is committed to ensuring you are aware of your rights and responsibilities and are supported to exercise them.