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Need specialised staff?
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Case Managers
Aged Care & Disability Support Workers
Social Workers
Dementia Specialist Assistants
Allied Health Professionals

It’s not always possible to fulfill the needs of all clients through one organisation. The demand on service providers can be huge and it’s difficult to keep up with the demand of client intake and maintaining a skilled workforce.

But don’t worry, Client Centred Home Care (CCHC) is here to help.

The CCHC team has a mixture of Nurses, Case Managers, Aged Care Support Workers, Disability Support Workers, Social Workers, Dementia Specialist Assistants, and a variety of Allied health professionals that you can utilise to support your clients.

CCHC has supported many service providers who offer Home Care Packages (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Program, (CHSP) Private insurance companies and The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by brokering our highly qualified staff to provide direct care and service to your organisation’s clients.

Your clients are in experienced hands and will receive services that exceed their expectations.

If a client requires support that does not fall within the scope of your organisation, or maybe your organisation is going through a growth period and is unable to meet the demand of client intake vs retaining a skilled workforce you may want to consider brokering to Client Centred Home Care. Whatever it is we have got you covered.

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Our Promise To You

Our management team will complete a brokerage agreement with your organisation. We want to ensure this is a positive and constructive partnership, with a brokerage agreement setting the boundaries between the service provider and Client Centred Home Care. This ensures that the service provider maintains control over the clients care and funding and Client Centred Home Care provides the direct care and services to the client on the service providers behalf.

Our team can support your organisation by providing opportunity to meet a clients’ needs promptly.

You can let your clients know you have a preferred partner that you work closely with to provide care and services.

CCHC will work with your organisation to match our staff to your clients’ preferences and needs, both within the aged care and the disability sector.

We have experienced case managers that will work in partnership with your organisation to ensure the smooth delivery of services, manage the staff and make sure clients are receiving the care specified in their care plan and in line with Aged Care and NDIS quality standards.

Our staff have a range of experience in neurological care including dementia and epilepsy, acquired brain injury, dual sensory, psychiatric, physical, intellectual, MND, catastrophic injury, intellectualand chronic health conditions. Each staff member in our team is involved in a rigorous vetting process during induction to ensure they have the right personality, skills, qualification, and education to support a variety of client’s needs.

If you have clients sitting on your books that you’re having trouble implementing regular services for, give us a call on 1800 878 944 or contact us via email We would love to hear from you to see how we can support your organisation.


  • A 2-hour minimum per shift (this can include travel time and is flexible for service providers with multiple clients in a specific area).
  • To maintain continuity of care we do on occasion provide a one-off service to fill gaps in our employees’ rosters, however, primarily our brokerage agreement is for a minimum of 12 weeks of service.
  • Our brokerage prices are different from our private schedule of fee so please get in touch to discuss your needs.